The objective of RED SOS REFUGIADOS is to bring together synergies and resources to help as directly and as quickly as possible the displaced and refugee population fleeing war in countries such as Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. We also collaborate with other social groups coming from North Africa and especially from the Sahara. The permanent network of collaborators of RED SOS REFUGIADOS extends throughout Spain through numerous local associations and with others that work at: AIRE, Scouts, Pasaportes para Siria, Red de Acogida de Leganés, Bienvenidos Refugiados, Grupo Viveros UCM, HOTZ, SOS Canarias, Conectando Pueblos, Descálzate para Lesbos, Munguía Aita Meni, Plataforma Refugiados Navalcarnero, Móstoles sin Fronteras, Caudete se Mueve, Grupo de Ayuda a Refugiados en Zaragoza, CARE, Guindalera Solidaria, SOS Ibiza, Trenzando Voluntarios, No Name Kitchen, Holes in the Borders, Refugee Support, Helping to Help, ANA, AAPS , Mensajeros de la Paz, CEAR, Zaporeak . Without forgetting several Greek NGOs and all those that at different times demand our cooperation.


To date we have taken 103 containers loaded with humanitarian aid to Greece, and we have distributed them among the various squats and camps. Since the beginning of our activity, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the chairman of the SEUR Foundation, Mr Ramón Mayo, which allows us to move goods through Spain to the port of Valencia, from where we send it to Greece for distribution. We have transported more than two and a half million kilos of supplies with the SEUR Foundation.


Distribution of these supplies in the different squats and informal camps, where more than 5,100 refugees are housed. We also collaborate with several Greek refugee camps and have sent shelter supplies to Serbia. We have our own van in Athens that is driven by our volunteers to take the supplies from the warehouse to the places where it is needed.
We provide welfare, legal, educational and health care to refugees in several squats in Athens and in some refugee camps. We have supported thousands of refugees where we have been most useful: Lesbos and Chios. We have also collaborated in maritime rescues, not forgetting refugees already in our country.
More than 3,000 volunteers. All this work is possible thanks to the work of volunteers organized in almost 300 groups in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Many of them also collaborate in Greece.


In Spain, we also develop social awareness by explaining the humanitarian crisis caused by the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan that has forced millions of people to flee their countries and seek asylum in Europe. Making the helpless situation that these people suffer visible is one of our objectives.