From the beginning, SOS REFUGIADOS, with the collaboration of the SEUR Foundation, has launched several campaigns to collect material throughout the country, which is taken to Greece by boat. After the agreement with the Greek association Pampiraiki, we began to take the material to the warehouse in Elliniko, a former Olympic basketball stadium located on the outskirts of Athens. We are continuing with the SEUR-ATHENS Humanitarian Campaign, which collected humanitarian material from 39 Spanish cities. Some 500 volunteers organized the supplies delivered by more than 50,000 people throughout Spain. 200 collection points were opened and SEUR carried out more than 100 transports with lorries and trailers. SEUR transporters worked as volunteers for SOS Refugiados solving many problems. There were intense weeks, with daily collections in several of our places.

The whole logistical plan is coordinated by our friend Ramón Mayo, chairman of SEUR Foundation, which made it possible that we distributed material in Piraeus, Idomeni and Skaramagas, Elliniko, Eleonas and Piraeus. A total of 56 containers were taken over the course of 2016. The collections were impressive, but the work of storing and distributing all that material in squats and camps was immense. And then the II and III campaigns followed in such a way that by the end of 2018 the following had been sent: 101 containers, or in other words, two and a half million kilos of food and humanitarian aid. In 2019 the IV collection campaign was opened.


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