Our association has minimal management costs as all of our staff are volunteers. That allows us to send 99%, if not 100%, of the money collected to Greece.

You can make us a one-off transfer, or schedule monthly transfers and send us all the details by post. You can also write to us and ask for first-hand information about where your money is being invested. Transparency is essential in our management and all volunteers who come to Athens check the origin of the resources.

CaixaBank IBAN ES09 2100 1696 2802 0044 8260


PayPal is a very easy and fast way to transfer donations. Open your account and indicate ‘sending funds to another PayPal account’.
Write your name and email address so we can send you our gratitude and appreciation.


Another way to help RED SOS REFUGIADOS is through this platform in which for each purchase or online booking in thousands of known stores, submits a percentage of what you spend on supportive causes.
It won’t cost you anything at all! Sign up through your email or through your social media at Helpfreely:
To raise funds through your online purchases, you need to add the HelpfreelyApp™ to your computer’s browser. Activate the HelpfreelyApp™ from your computer before each purchase or online booking and we’ll get a percentage of what you spend. Your price will be exactly the same. Download it here and it will automatically appear each time you visit a partner store.
There is also the app
Just like that!


A very simple way to collaborate with us is to become a ‘Team Member’. It’s as simple as donating €1 per month on this platform of citizen solidarity. It takes a minute and it’s 100% secure. With your help, it will be as if you were there, holding hands with the refugees, giving them warmth and food. It’s as simple as signing up for this website: