Since Europe’s borders were closed in mid-2016, some 80,000 people have been ‘kidnapped’ in Greece. Thousands of them continue to live in abandoned buildings or refugee camps without any hope. Although it is not news covered, the situation continues to worsen, and the number of refugees is increasing every day in Greece. There are a lot of families that literally live on the street. Aware that we could not leave refugees to their fate, SOS has been carrying out enormous humanitarian work in all of these squats and in camps near Athens.


  • A ‘VICTORIA RENOVADO’ warehouse-space that is economically sustainable allows us to continue distributing food to the most disadvantaged refugees, and to maintain a quiet and safe place for refugee women.
  • Activities to be carried out in different areas of the new Victoria, in the squats and other resources of the area, reducing operating costs.
  • Distribution of food and hygiene products in all squats in Athens.
  • Regular distribution of hot food to very vulnerable refugees (homeless people with disability)
  • Legal advice and sanitary accompaniment.
  • Cultural exchanges in the new places.
  • Fun and educational activities for children in squats.
  • Spreading awareness of the tragedy of the refugees in educational centres and others.
  • Collection of donated food from Spain and other basic necessities.
  • Collaboration with other associations or groups to carry out activities.
  • Support for the initiation and self-management of some project of work development of refugees, who in the mid-term have prospects of settling in Athens.
  • Supporting the people of refugee camps in Lavrio and others, as well as those confined in the Greek islands.
  • Report constantly about the situation of refugees, the consequences of the closure of borders, the EU’s inaction and the rise of xenophobia.


We provide food and other necessities to:

  • Around 3500 people who, in tents, await their turn of entry at the gates of official government camps, but no one attends: 550 in Malakasa, 600 in Lavrios, 1500 in Corintos, 400 in eleonas, Skaramagas , Sounio, 400 children and babies in Larissa.
    2000 people living in the streets of Athens.
  • 300 people left in the squats that have been evicting since mid-2019.
  • The Palestinian refugee association
  • Jafrra
  • Khora
  • Velos
  • Kiklos
  • Our house steps
  • Oli mazi green project
  • Love without boundaries
  • Holes in the borders
  • A todas las cocinas de la calle (To all the kitchens on the street)
  • To 50 families of Eleonas
  • To 50 vulnerable families living in flats
  • The village for refugees
  • Hope cafe
  • Occasionally to Korinthos and Agmidaleza detention centres
  • Conectando Pueblos (collaborating Group)
  • Helping to Help (collaborating Group)
  • Trenzando Voluntarios Granada (collaborating Group)
  • And occasionally to other associations and groups on site.

In total, we are talking about more than 5,100 people