Here is a summary of the instructions to make a good collection:

  1. Send a WhatsApp to Miguel (+34 640 14 75 43) to let us know that a collection is going to take place and/or send an email as well to
  2. Read these instructions well and watch the attached video.
  3. Palletize according to the following instructions, WITHOUT EXCEEDING DIMENSIONS: 0.80 W x 1.20 L x 1.20 H (including bottom wood). If the height exceeds 1.20 you have to keep adding boxes to reach 2.40 m and then pay €140 instead of €70 if the pallet is 1.20 m. 
  4. Send us your collection address, number of pallets assembled, and height reached (1.20 or 2.40 m), 2 people of contact, schedules, if it is transferred by pallet truck or forklifted and any special conditions of the collection location.
  5. We will contact SEUR and they will take it to Valencia. Sometimes it takes a few days longer to pick it up, as it is free transport. If they are delayed a week, please contact us to send other transport.
  6. Please send the Seur collection note, payment receipts and photographs of the assembled pallets to The name of the collecting group must be indicated to the carrier so that it can put it on the delivery note. The SEUR Foundation will take the pallets free of charge to Valencia but the shipping to Athens and unloading in our warehouses is paid for by the groups that do each collection.