Solidarity is modelled on earthenware. The Association of Ceramists of Asturias, based in Oviedo, is leading a solidarity initiative in favour of our association.

They have donated several of their creations to us so that we can obtain funds to support our humanitarian project in Greece. In total, twelve ceramists have joined the initiative, some of whom promoted the initiative from their stalls at the Oviedo Christmas Market, although the aim of the group is to open up the project to other artisans from the rest of Spain.
The initiative was born thanks to our volunteer Inés Rodríguez Caso, a member of the ceramists’ group. “When the pandemic began, I thought about how we could help, and together with the rest of the members of the group we decided that something had to be done to help the most vulnerable group, which is precisely that of the refugees in Greece. So we started to mature what we could do, and this project came out.
Each Artenaso has donated a piece, but the intention of the majority of the ceramists is to continue with the donations, because we want this project to last over time and that, from time to time, a new piece can be donated to help finance these humanitarian projects”.

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