A great way to help us is to organize your own collection. You don’t need to have a big infrastructure. Often, it’s easy to organize a collection of necessary food or products through the Parent-Teacher Associations in schools or through local associations. Getting a pallet of humanitarian supplies (about 35 boxes) helps a lot. Awareness in schools is very important and motivating students to be supportive is something that enriches the educational community.
See the section CURRENT CAMPAIGN and INSTRUCTIONS for details on how to organize yourself. Above all, it is important to contact us beforehand at


Los niños inmigrantes que llegan solos a España no tendrán que desnudarse nunca más frente a un forense para que explore sus genitales y determine así su edad. Y se prohíbe que los menores puedan ser atados a camas. Solo Vox ha votado en contra de la ley

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