In Athens, a new squat or occupied building is opened from time to time to accommodate refugees. Our volunteers always collaborate in the restoration or construction that allows spaces to be set up in a dignified way. We also provide some funding in collaboration with other organizations. Once the building is occupied by refugees, we help them like we help other people.
Mainly through Red SOS Refugiados Canaries, we carry out the repair of several squats, and especially the sinks, toilets and floors of Single Men, where 300 refugees live.


At all times, Red SOS Refugiados sends health personnel to the various squats for complete medical care, especially for children, teenagers and pregnant women.
Through the Greek lawyer Amalia, Red SOS Refugiados provides legal assistance to refugees with documentation or asylum issues.
Likewise, through Marisol, from Madrid, we resolve problems of this type for refugees who have just arrived in Spain from the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


🧵 Abrimos hilo con la nota de prensa enviada a los medios de comunicación, con las más de 900 entidades adheridas al comunicado de denuncia!!!

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Iremos recogiendo los acontecimientos de hoy, #24j por la #ConvocatoriaUnificada 👇

📣Declaraciones de uno de los supervivientes a la #MasacreMelilla el día 30 de junio a las puertas del #CETI de #Melilla.

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