One of our star projects for the success that it has had is that of supportive mugs. It’s about mugs decorated with drawings made by refugee children in Greece.
They arise as a representative piece of a coherent educational-creative project, creArte (createArt), whose aim is to raise awareness in schools and to give hope to children in Athens. Hand-made objects to which the drawings made by the children in the workshops carried out in the squats and refugee camps of Greece are applied. A mug with love and supportive craftsmanship. A network of ceramists and volunteers throughout Spain contribute to make the project possible. You can order mugs and help decorate your home at the same time. They can also be used as flowerpots.
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Los niños inmigrantes que llegan solos a España no tendrán que desnudarse nunca más frente a un forense para que explore sus genitales y determine así su edad. Y se prohíbe que los menores puedan ser atados a camas. Solo Vox ha votado en contra de la ley

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